Annual Wellness

Maximizing the Annual Wellness Visit


Maximizing the Annual Wellness Visit

ARCAMs highly skilled billing team has created an enhanced program for the Annual Wellness Visit that assist in optimizing reimbursements.

On top of the patient/provider benefits of the Annual Wellness Visits, this visit also provides patient follow-up opportunities for additional reimbursements and patient care, such as:

    • Lab Follow Up
    • Diabetes
    • COPD
    • Falls Risk
    • Cognitive Assessment
    • Nutrition

MIPS Quality Measures

As a Medicare provider, submitting your MIPS report annually is crucial. As of 2022, failure to meet a minimum performance threshold of 75 points can result in a reimbursement penalty and reduction of up to 9 cents on each dollar for services billed to Medicare.

We want providers to view the Annual Wellness Visit as a chance to complete important quality and wellness tasks at the same time. Our program addresses up to 9 of the 6 required MIPS Quality Measures.